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I am Tanisha Agarwal, Founder and Executive Head of The Medium Ruckus. I am a student at Mussoorie International School, Mussoorie, a tireless seeker of knowledge, with abilities going from website composition, versatile plan, marketing, inventive planning and photography. I had concocted with this idea of, “Affiliate Marketing” when I had seen a random video on YouTube in eager to “become a millionaire overnight” during the early pandemic. The endeavor had gotten comfortable in my brain. After a long time of exploration, I had finally decided to extend my mindset in this field. A great deal of difficult work and restless nights had at long last paid off. My site stands today as one of the confided in web journals. 


I have worked with non-benefit and administrative associations in characterizing arrangements that pushed for the greatest feasible effects for quite a long time. I discover genuineness, imagination and commitment to be the most prized possessions for accomplishment in running my organization. My father plays a vital influence in designing my life, top from

Tanisha Agarwal FOUNDER & CEO, The Medium ruckus

the values to the advancements, a tall standing entrepreneur who has inspired and supported me throughout and has taught me the principles of marketing, one of the most important thing that I have installed in me through him is communicating with people and working in a team. With the experience of managing my school as the school prefect and numerous other administrative roles and missions. My background in brand methodology, visual design, business and account management illuminate her careful yet competitive approach. I am a steadfast affiliate marketer who adopts a client-focused strategy to critical thinking through connecting with the way of planning. I have been interned at global firms in the field of marketing and sales & technical departments. I learned what makes a product valuable and easy to sell besides promotion and persuasiveness. I have been working “on the other side” at a young age to realize how important marketing and development components are. I have been interested in these fields since the time I can remember. My expertise in marketing can provide valuable insights and a fresh perspective on on-site development. I can acquire new knowledge and skills in technical marketing and management. I am ready for long-time cooperation. I am outgoing, dedicated, and open-minded. I get across to individuals and conform to changes effortlessly. I believe that a person should work on fostering their expert abilities and mastering new things constantly. 


My hunger for knowledge and assurance to turn information into action has contributed to the most recent success at India’s many presumed firms and groups, where I have driven global, international, campaigns for heavy-hitting areas, such as Blood drive, water consumption plan, sanitary projects, support parties etc. In the interim, I have worked on the usefulness of my group by executing the key task the board techniques and guaranteeing a balance between fun and serious activities for my organization. I am powered by my passion for understanding the nuances of diverse publicising. I consider myself as a ‘forever student,’ eager to both expand on my scholarly establishments in commerce and business and stay in line with the most recent advanced promoting methodologies through proceeding with coursework. 


I believe mindfulness in the workplace is the key to success - as a tenet I live out through my inclinations in photography, taking long drives down the highways, listening to music, and reading books by the mountain. 


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